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Norton Commando 961 Café Racer - new motorbike

Would you like to drive Cafe Racer but do not have time or experience to customize your own project? What about Norton commando 961 Cafe Racer? 

11/2014 TMP


Norton manufacturer presents Commando 961 Cafe Racer as bike that was built to replicate the old style of cafe racers with all modern components and engineering whilst maintaining a classic appearance and style. Let's have a look what it means in reality.

We can find on the bike what to be expected on a Cafe Racer. Air cooled engine. Shaped petrol tank and rear seat. Classic exhaust shapes, fully in chrome. Wire wheels, front light with small wind shield.


Circular mirrors in chrome on both sides. You will not see too much but classical style is priority for Cafe Racers.


Front side view evoques certain sport ambitious. This is definitely not a bike for beginners to enjoy country side views... 


Completely adjustable rear suspension Ohlins provides setting in line with driver's nature. To enjoy drive on race circuit will be no problem.


Rear part design is balanced with petrol tank shape. Circular mirrors and exhausts make the design complete.


Seat for driver only is followed by really extraordinary rear part with integrated light. 


To see this picture only, I would think I am looking at a supersport bike... 


Exhaust pipes on both sides. One would say - inspiration in Honda CB750. We can ask designers from Norton where do they source inspiration from? :). 


Front suspension is delivered by Ohlins components. Fully adjustable forks are not common Cafe Racers equipment. Brakes - Brembo - front and rear. Front 320 mm disc - 4 pistons, rear 220 mm, 2 pistons

I would be happy to have these brakes on my bike...


Mandatory air cooling for cafe racers. Parallel twin structure with electronic fuel injection. 961ccm capacity provides maximum power 80PS @ 6500 RPM, maximum torque 90Nm available at 5200 RPM.

5 speed gearbox will ensure you will not need to change gear grade too often.


Historical Norton logo on petrol tank. 


Modern look in combination with classic appearance. I like it personally.


Driver will appreciate the small wind shield behind circle front light. Ohlins forks in gold color are in contrast to silver color of the bike.




My conclusion is that Norton Commander provides what promised by producer. Classical appearance with modern equipment. For me is Norton interesting alternative vs Japanese motorbikes.


But on the other hand - Isn't the cafe racer style about the project itself? Do you need Ohlins or Brembo components on your cafe racer bike? 

Do you like this bike? Would you buy it?  Let's comment in discussion below this article.


You can find more information about Norton Cafe racers on official Norton web pages.  

Images by Top Motorbike Photos. See complete photo gallery on our web.

TMP 11/2014