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Yamaha XV950 'El Ratón Asesino' by Marcus Walz

Yamaha Yard Built project of customized Yamaha XV950 bikes.

Concept and development by Marcus Walz, Germany 2014.

01/2015 TMP


Yamaha XV950 El Ratón Asesino project is another Yamaha Yard Built project presented on our web. This time Yamaha asked Marcus Walz to customize production Yamaha XV950 to make another Yard Built Special.

Marcus Walz is well known German customizer. This project is not his first cooperation with Yamaha but already third in row during last five years.

In contrast to another customized bike of Yard Built project - Pure Sport by Low Ride - Marcus customized the original bike quite radically.

The ride gets a full work over with the stock front-end suspension unit modified and lowered with prototype progressive springs whilst the rear gets fully adjustable Öhlins shocks.

Custom rear sub frame was created from scratch together with a hand made seat that is cover by leather.


Mini LED units are integrated into the rear frame in place of the standard tail-lights. The front fender is custom made in-house as is the bracket holding it as well.


Standard battery was taken out and a tiny 400 gram GP style lithium battery is hidden in the tail unit.



Marcus ditched the ABS system to ensure sport control of the bike.

Front light is hidden in custom designed headlamp cowling. Sitting in the middle of the action is a Moto Gadget ‘Tiny’ tachometer.



Details on the bike with Walzwerk signitures.




A hand shaped fuel tank with Monza style filler cap on the top.



The XV950’s heart doesn't get overlooked with custom cylinder-head plates and engine casings and a custom manifold feeding an SC-Project exhaust.



Marcus was inspired by Yamaha's racing successes in seventies where riders such as Kenny Roberts Jr. imprinted Yamahas speed block design on their bikes.  

In detail you recognize masterpiece. There is nothing to add to this custom project - superclean design and build.


Would you like to see Marcus during his work and talking about this bike or just hear sound of the exhaust system? See official Youtube video:


More information about activities of Marcus Walz here.


Images by Yamaha Europe. Check out their www pages for more custom motorbikes from Yamaha Yard Built project or standard models.

Yamaha provides a lot off original custom equipment for their bikes. See more on this link for your inspiration. 

See complete photo gallery on our web here.

TMP 01/2015


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