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Harley & Davidson SOFTAIL DEUCE, SHDB-02, custom motorbike

Custom motorbike built from Harley Davidson Softail Deuce 2001.

Motorbike rebuilt in 2012. Designed and completed in Harley Davidson Šalamounka, Prague.

08/2014 TMP


The motorbike design should evoke design of World War II air fighters. Motorbike was first introdused in Bohemian custome 2013. 



Small petrol tank is Sportster origine. Special handelbars formed manually for this motorbike.


Front Springer fork Paughco.


Manually formed rear mudgard.


The engine is standard production type Twin Cam 88B in black color. The engine color is grined to the metal to have used look.


Air intake Screami'n Eagle. Opened exhaust Vance Hines.


See ww pages of HD Šalamounka, Prague:


TMP 08/2014