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Harley & Davidson Sportster 883R, F4U by Šalamounka HD bikes Prague

Custom motorbike built based on Harley&Davidson Sportster 883R.

Motorbike was designed and completed in Harley&Davidson Šalamounka, Prague, Czech Republic.

09/2014 TMP


Šalamounka Harley&Davidson Prague, one of the most active HD custom builders in Czech Republic, built this custom motorbike based on Sportster 883R. "When I got the freedom to build the bike according to me", says Ondra Odehnal from Šalamounka who likes airplanes, "I decided to build the bike as honor to C4U Corsair Airplane that used to serve in US NAVY during Korean war".


Engine remained the original Sportster 883R. The only change is opened intake. Exhaust is coming from Sportster XR1200. Pipes were cut just below the engine. I would expect that all neighbors have to love sound of this opened exhaust system. 


Do you think that US Air Force officials would make claims when they see title - "Property of USAF"-on seat? Probably not. In the same way, driver can stay calm when see title -"Danger-Ejection seat", nothing such is hidden behind seat. Instead, rear light is built into fender in cafe racer style.


Petrol tank is Sportster origin. All paintings designed as C4U camouflage were done by Olaf Pugner who is specialized in custom paints and airbrush.


Original plastic fairing, sourced from Harley&Davidson accesories, covers round headlights in front. Small rearview mirror on handlebars sides will not provide the best view back but looks more original.


You can find some other original details that relates to F4U airplane motive. Small bomb on the engine for example. Do not forget to remove the unlocking before drive (or rather flight...).


Changes to the original frame are limited. The only adjusted are rear part around seat and foot pegs were moved a little back together with handlebars that are moved down to ensure more sport seating position on the bike.


Tachograf is placed into hand made dashboard that is originally created by inspiration of airplane cockpit.


I have to personally say that this customized Sportster belongs among the best I have seen. Customization is done with uncommon idea, sophisticated details and professional work. I give top marks to this bike.


Images by Šalamounka HD Prague. Check out their www pages or facebook page for other custom motorbikes.

TMP 09/2014