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Yamaha XV950 Pure Sports by Low Ride

Yamaha Yard built project of customized Yamaha XV950

Concept and development by Low Ride, Italy.

10/2014 TMP


Yamaha presents "Yard built project" as support to imagination and passion of motorbike drivers who wants to own unique looking custom motorbike. This sounds as a good idea... More over, Yamaha asked experienced customizers to come up with inspirational ideas how to transform standard Yamaha models into what is called by Yamaha ‘Yard Built specials’. This sounds even better...

Three "Yard Built" models were already presented by YAMAHA at EICMA 2013. In all cases, standard Yamaha models from Sport Heritage range were used. One of these bikes is Yamaha XV950 Pure Sports customized by Low Rides.



Low Ride is Italy’s leading magazine devoted to cruisers and choppers. New standard Yamaha XV950 was transferred into a street racer that should bring out sport spirit. Low Rides were inspired by Eighties style with a replica of legendary Yamaha FZ750. The whole project was performed without radical changes to the original bike. From this reason, there are no changes into twin cylinder engine and motorbike frame. Thanks to this limited changes to the original base concept, bike keeps original functionality and reliability for every day use.



The original bike is not produced for achieving high speed limits on ricing circuit, instead you will enjoy any road trip.  

“We had so much fun riding the new Yamaha XV950 on the sun-drenched, winding roads up and down the hills of California during its international press launch. Once we got it on the tricky streets of Milan we appreciated how easily it handled and we literally made sparks fly climbing the Apennine Mountains thanks to the roll-on acceleration of its twin engine. We tried to unleash its sports soul but without compromising the easy ride-ability, comfort and enviable balance. Without indulging in an exercise of style just for style’s sake, our team set about restyling with absolutely no compromises on dynamics and functionality.” says Giuseppe Roncen.



”We really love the radical off-road interpretations by other, however we aimed to do more than just make an awesome impression. Our “creature” is meticulously designed in minute detail and built to be exhibited at the leading custom shows. But we also wanted our special to allow the rider to travel with a passenger to on-the-road meets and rallies. Our approach was to suggest ideas that could really be replicated without too much effort and we hope that the Yard Built XV950 Pure Sports can inspire people in the custom bike scene to try new alternatives.” explained Danilo Seclì, XV950 Pure Sports project leader.



The positive thing on this customized bike is that it is unique, sporty but not extreme. Thanks to the way the standard Yamaha XV950 is built, there was not necessary to adjust the chassis or electrics of the original bike and no expensive parts to purchase. More over all the changes are reversible. Thanks to this, budget for the project was kept down although the result is really unique.



Standard air-cooled SOHC V-twin engine has capacity 942 cc. 2-cylinders in 60-degrees provide 38.3 KW in 5500 rpm. The maximal torgue 79.5Nm is limited but available already at 3000 rpm.


Modern engine in black color is equipped with fuel injection.



The project’s technical coordinator was Andrea Radaelli from Radikal Chopper, a Milanese customizer and winner of the Scrambler & Racer category in the contests at EICMA Custom 2013 and Motor Bike Expo 2014. Based on his suggestions the bodywork was handcrafted by Simone Lecca from Metal Bike who creates unique pieces hand fashioned out of sheet aluminium in his workshop just outside Turin. 


The half fairing is the most interesting part on this bike. Inspired by Yamaha FZ750. Large round headlight is placed in the middle of front fairing.



Dual seat saddle in bond grain leather was produced by Laboratorio Della Pelle e del Cuoio.


The only adjusted thing on engine is air intake.



The paintwork by Kaos Design is outstanding thanks to a special scratch effect that accentuates the handcrafted work in the silvery and metallic color. Black and pastel red graphics reproduce the Yamaha FZ750 design from 1985, harmonising the artisanal parts with the standard fuel tank. 


Petrol tank in red color is painted in the same way as inspirational YAMAHA FZ750 from eighties. 


The only concession to sound is the 2-into-1 exhaust pipe which is custom designed by HP Corse; the trapezium section tip is more compact and lighter than the original.



Yamaha's Yard built project seems to be activity that is positively accepted by common bikers. Many of them are interested to own unique looking bike but do not have professional customization experience or needed technical equipment in their garage.

Many common completely customized bikes look really pretty but do not have modern engine, brakes with ABS, functionality and reliability for every day use. Hopefully we will be able to order soon a standard kit from a customization company. 


Yamaha provides a lot off original custom equipment. See more on this link for your inspiration.



Custom bike specification:

YARD BUILT XV950 Pure Sports, Base model: Yamaha XV950 ABS, Concept and development: LowRide Magazine - Italy, Rendering and styling: Oberdan Bezzi Design, Coordination and assembly: Radikal Chopper, Sheet aluminium half fairing, cowling and tail cowl by Metal Bike attached with steel tubular bars to the frame’s pre-existing mounting points, Paintwork by Kaos Design, silver with a scratched metal effect, Dual seat saddle in bond grain leather by Laboratorio Della Pelle e del Cuoio, Stainless steel 2-into-1 exhaust pipe by HP Corse, Double joint clip-on-handlebars by Motocicli Veloci, Rizoma LED indicators, Rizoma billet mirrors


Images by Yamaha Europe. Check out their www pages for more custom motorbikes from Yamaha Built project or standard models.

See complete photo gallery on our web here.

TMP 10/2014