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Harley&Davidson - photo gallery of pentrol tanks

Photo gallery of HD petrol tanks in various designs and producer logos format. 

See photos I have made during last year.

11/2014 TMP


One thing I definitely like on HD bikes is variety of customized design. Designers from Milwaukee produce variety of ideas and a large number of modifications has been created by independent customizers or HD owners by themselves as well. Good to say that more than hundred years of history provide space for variations.

You can meet on street one hundred of HD motorbikes and you can bet that not many of them will be the same or similar.


Some well known historical motives:



Some recent motives:





Customized design:












Typical Sportster tank shape in various designs:





Images by Top Motorbike Photos. See www pages of Harley&Davidson Museum in Milwaukee for some more HD inspirations.

TMP 11/2014